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Articles by Alan Moskal

Last Monday I had the pleasure of a lunch meeting at Lomeli’s Italian Restaurant. I have wanted to try this Gardena landmark since moving to the South Bay. But it was Monday, the first day of my diet. Every plate of pasta, lasagna and pizza that passed would not keep me on track the first day. I was determined not to goof the lunch on the first day (at least not too bad).

The other night my wife Cheryl and I were driving through Gardena, trying to decide what and where to have dinner. We settled on a place that serves breakfast all day—yes, breakfast for dinner is one of our favorites.

What sounded tempting to me was bacon and eggs, white toast with a pat of butter and hot coffee. My wife was craving a stack of griddlecakes. Our quest took us to a great little café, The Pan, on the southwest corner of Western Avenue and 166th street in Gardena. Next door to Crenshaw Lumber and at the old Yellow Basket site.