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Articles by Gary Luster

Gardena residents were able to meet one candidate running to keep his seat, and three other men running to become Gardena’s newest city councilmember(s) at a candidate forum hosted by the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce, and conducted by the Torrance branch of the League of Women Voters Feb. 17.

One of the biggest issues facing Gardena has to do with the foul-smelling black sludge coming out of local home faucets. The situation is so bad that Golden State Water Co. held a special meeting with residents to address the concerns and offer solutions.

Gardena City Councilman Dan Medina has taken the lead on this issue by not only developing a home-made solution to the water issue but also by standing up for a local resident whose skin was adversely affected by the toxic water.

Ronald Ross, candidate for Gardena city council, believes that the way to improve the city of Gardena is to bring more businesses to the area, a move that he says will create more jobs and opportunity.

“I want to bring businesses to the city that create careers, not just jobs,” Ross said.

Gardena residents expressed their fury and frustration concerning various water issues, including the black sludge that has been spewing from some home faucets, during a special meeting hosted by the Golden State Water Company last week at the Nakaoka Community Center.


During the past several years, Gardena has made gains as a business-friendly city. Art Kaskanian, owner of Sam’s Autoland and a candidate for Gardena city council, says he has worked hard to attract new business.


Kaskanian said through his contacts in the business community (via the Elks Lodge, the Kiwanis, and as a current planning commissioner) Gardena residents now enjoy Yogurtland, Starbucks, and Chipotle Mexican Grill in the Gardena Marketplace, which is across Western Avenue from his auto business.


“Innovation comes from doing simple things well,” says Mark Henderson.


As a candidate for Gardena City Council, Henderson believes that focusing on simple things to improve the city, will make for happier, healthier residents.


One of the big items on his platform is the environment, specifically the issue of municipal water. One of the things Henderson wants to tackle once in office is the recent occurrence of black sludge that has been spewing from the faucets of several Gardena homes.


Gardena High School will host “Look to the Future,” a special collection of impressionist art that will be featured at the Gardena High School Library and Art Gallery from 1 to 4 p.m. Jan 17 at the GHS campus.


Hosted by the Gardena High School Associated Student Body and the Gardena High School Art Collection Inc., the event will feature a dozen pieces of art that highlight the work of California impressionists.


It’s probably fair to say that many people who are working today are doing jobs that pay the bills, but don’t offer much in the way of personal fulfillment.

Only a very lucky few can say that they are working their dream job. One person who can make that claim is Gardena Police Sgt. Brian Juckett.

“Once you do it, if you’ve got a heart, you’re hooked.”

Those are the words of David Stoner, a man who for the past 32 years, has brightened the faces of thousands of children as Santa Claus.

At this time of year, it’s not unusual to see Santa Claus no matter where you look; he’s at the mall, he’s on television, he’s in the movies and sometimes he’ll even show up at your local grocery store, in line to buy a quart of milk.

Gandhi is purported to have said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

While some may dismiss it as a cute slogan to put on a bumper sticker, there are those like former Miss America Angela Perez Baraquio who take that saying to heart and run with it.