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Articles by Genie Nakano

not  allowed

to touch the curtains

I climb the fire place bricks

for the first glimpse

of my baby sister      — Deborah P. Kolodji


my dreams come and go

the whir of a plane comforts me

dozing in the sun

the smell of tomato plants

brings me to my childhood  — Stephan Petrilli


up on the china cabinet

in a produce box

dad laughs

and mom chastises

at night

our small black dog

snuggles between us

lies on his back

and snores loudly


snip, brush, snip

all around his furry face

Bodhi loves it all

tilts his head way back

crooning to the moon



means,"Buddha in training",

they say all good dogs

go to heaven...

I hope to meet him there

Tanka Tales


my  comfort food

onigiri with pickled plum

then a sudden change

peanut butter 'n jam

nothing stays the same



breakfast the sun

for a solar power week

catch a sugary moon

sprinkle sweetness into dreams

spice up an everyday life



in a pot that melts

stir a steaming brew

with a recipe

to knock the senses