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Articles by Pat Grimes

The hardest part of having a pet comes at the end. No matter how it happens, losing a furry friend is awful, but it becomes a more excruciating experience when you must choose the hour of their passing.

Molly the cat was a gorgeous cat with the ugliest meow in feline history, received from friends who rescued her. They would have kept Molly except for the three kittens they adopted after she joined their household.  When these little ones became adolescents, they began tormenting the quiet, shy, softest tabby around, Molly. So she came to live with us.

It has been suggested that perceiving a glass as half full or half empty gives some insight into one's outlook, The optimist will celebrate the quantity of water within that vessel, while the pessimist will bemoan the liquid that is gone.

Until the recent change in my life— that being divorce—I was convinced the house I lived in would be the house I’d die in.  My home buying record would be one win, no losses. That is to say, I bought this one house and had no intention of purchasing another.

Our culture has many conventions surrounding one’s wedding day.  Depending on your ethnicity, you might spend one to five days commemorating the before, during, and after of a nuptial ceremony.

Here in America, we have certain expectations about the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself, and the reception that follows. Social mores dictate how we behave, what we wear, what we eat and drink, and how we celebrate the joining of two people in matrimony.

We are happy (and somewhat bold) to report favorable results on my sigmoidoscopy. The skilled gastroenterologist discovered no new gremlins and assured me that I needn't enjoy his company again for a full three years.