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Articles by Theda Kleinhans Reichman

It's nearly summer, a time when superheroes like the Avengers arrive in movie theaters world wide to save the planet and the human race This summer season is no exception as director Joss Whedon and his cast of Marvel Comics superheroes, ranging from Iron Man and Captain America to the Green Hulk and Thor, hit the big screen in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

"Immediate Family," by playwright Paul Oakley Stovall, takes a comedic, yet sensitive look at the issues of gay marriage and racism in modern America. It is as up to date as tomorrow's headlines asthe play, like the Supreme Court, ponders the future of gay marriage in American society. Whether you are pro or con on the outcome, you can still enjoy Stovall's take on the issue as he brings the Bryant family together for the upcoming wedding of their younger brother Tony (Kamal Angelo Bolden).

"Motown The Musical" opened on Thursday April 30 at the Hollywood Pantages with a red carpet filled with celebs that included Motown founder Berry Gordy, as well as Kevin McCollum, producer of "Motown the Musical.” Also attending was the show's director Charles Randolf Wrighr along with Motown alumnim who later appeared on stage following the electrifying opening-`night performance.

Directed by Mark Linfield, “Monkey Kingdom” is primarily the tale of a very special toque macaque monkey named Maya and her little son Kip. It also focuses on Maya’s community and a rival band of toque macaque monkeys eager to take over the territory known as Castle Rock.  Other animal cast members include a mischievous mongoose, gentle langur monkeys who live nearby, scary looking monitor lizards and spotted leopards who also share the jungle habitat.

Alvin Ailey at the Music Center, and PBS on DVD

By Theda Kleinhans Reichman

Entertainment Editor



“Cinderella” is back in town—on stage and screen—and in each case the beloved fairytale seems fresh and new because the writers went back to the original French version by Charles Perrault who penned “Cinderella” in the 18th century. In the original story, but not in the English and American translations, Cinderella and the prince meet and admire one another long before the palace ball and the fairy godmother is an old beggar woman Cinderella has been kind to, never knowing she is actually a magical presence.

While “The Theory of Everything” didn’t win as best picture in this year’s Oscar race, its star Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his brilliant performance as renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking.  The film, based on Jane Hawking’s memoir “Traveling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen,” was directed by Academy Award winner James Marsh (“Man on Wire”) and tells the amazing story of  Hawking’s ability to survive against all odds.